DINNER 5-9 p.m.

FRIDAY, March 29

All of the lunch items, plus:


Ethopian collard greens

Everything vegan; everything gluten-free except  Spanakopita and Pita Bread.

Gaia's Mostly Mediterranean Feast!

TAVOLA CALDA (Hot table)


Three kinds of soup - always with our yellow split pea dahl. Greens, Bob's Red Mill polenta,  rainbow steamed vegetables, Lundberg Eco-farmed brown basmati rice, 3 sauces (pumpkin, coconut pesto, marinara). Comes with vegan, gluten-free cornbread. Everything is made in-house.

FRIDAY, March 29

Magmor Lebanese Moussaka

Moroccan Fava Bean Vegetable


Dahl Soup

Moroccan Chickpeas

Ethiopean Red Lentils

Roasted Vegetables with Za Atare

Baked Falafel

Corn Bread

Pita Bread

And, on the salad bar: hummus, tzatziki sauce, quinoa tabouli and Greek salad

Everything vegan; everything is gluten-free except Pita Bread

THE VEGETERIA (for a small planet) - Mondays-Fridays

Also available, plated meals, sandwiches and tacos

Menu subject to change. Items sold by the plate. Please consult with us if you have a severe food allergy or a particular dietary need. ("Gluten-free" as used here means no gluten-containing ingredients, but we cannot guarantee against minute quantities.) On Saturdays and Sundays, we serve brunch and sandwiches/tacos. And, yes, we have beer and wine. 

TAVOLA FREDDA (Cold table)

Our fresh salad bar offers at least two types of greens and 9 toppings which include carrots, beets, cabbage, cucumbers, olives, garbanzo beans, cherry peppers, and other seasonal vegetables and fruits. We make our own salad dressings, including toasted sesame, almond blend, tofu dill, tomato herb, honey mustard, bell pepper ranch and oil-free raisin balsamic. House-roasted sunflower seeds, dried sweetened cranberries, croutons and curried peanuts are available to top off your creation.

Two desserts also grace this table: Coconut tapioca or chocolate pudding are vegan and gluten-free; the halavah dessert is an Asian Indian recipe based on farina. It contains both wheat and dairy.