Gaia's Garden is honored to support local authors. We display and sell signed copies of books which appeal to a range of interests - fiction, technical, memoirs, fantasy, children's books, etc. The collection is organized and distributed by Jeane Slone, whose books, "She Flew Bombers," "She Built Ships" and "She Was an American Spy During WWII": are available at Gaia's Garden. Purchases are cash only, please.

Every other month, we offer "Dine with Local Authors Night." Five or six different authors attend for conversation over a meal, then each reads briefly (5 minutes). In this salon setting, you can find out more about a specific writer and his or her process and become inspired by the cumulative creativity of the group. Reservations are suggested (with dinner purchase only), and you may request a specific author's table if you wish.

The next Dining with Local Authors will be Monday, July 10, 6-8 p.m  

The Very Veggie Book Club - Every Tuesday Evening

We meet every Tuesday evening at Gaia's Garden at the community table in the back. We have optional social time from 6-7  p.m. followed by our book discussion from 7-8 p.m.  

We take turns choosing books.

Everyone is welcome at our book discussions, including vegans, vegetarians, semi-vegetarians, veg-curious omnivores, and everything in between. We can all learn from each other as we talk about various vegan-friendly books--even if we approach them from different perspectives.

Our optional social time before our book discussions is a good time to get to know each other better, to talk about our unique food and lifestyle journeys, and to just have fun together! Please feel free to join us for the social hour whether or not you choose to stay for the book discussion.

Please also feel free to come to the book discussion even if you don't have the book or haven't finished the reading for the week. Those of us who have done the reading will share enough about the subject matter that you will likely find it easy to participate meaningfully in the discussion. You're also welcome to just listen if you prefer.

Gaia's Garden always accommodates our group with great generosity, grace, and humor. So let's each do our best to honor the restaurant's policy of a $5.00 minimum purchase per person. Please also refrain from bringing in outside food or beverages for consumption while inside the restaurant.

We look forward to seeing you and to learning together!




Another exciting monthly event is the Redwood Writers' Open Mic.  This is your chance to try out your own material and/or enjoy the work and company of talented writers. There is no cover charge, but a $5 minimum purchase per person (including readers) is required.

The next open mic will be Monday, May 22  from 6-8 p.m.

Featured Readers:
John Lesjack &
Jing Li

John J. Lesjack’s writings have been published in the San Francisco Chronicle Sunday magazine, Grit, the Ultimate Series (4) and Chicken Soup for the Soul (7). Locally, he publishes in Sonoma Seniors Today. His latest sale to Chicken Soup for the Soul—Military Families—will be on sale May 9.

Jing Li taught 10 years of high school English in China before competing her way to America as the runaway number one winner from Shanxi Province to be an international exchange teacher in 1986. She earned her master’s degree in Oklahoma in 1990 and taught another 20 years of English as the Second Language and Mandarin Chinese in San Francisco’s public schools

MC: Robin Moore

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