Honoro Vera Garnacha (red)                        $6/glass and $18/bottle

Honora Vera Rueda (white)                          $6/glass and $18/bottle

La Crema Sonoma Coast Pinot               $17/split (2 glasses)

Hahn Cabernet Sauvingon                      $14/split 

Kendall Jackson Chardonney                  $12/split

Grandial Brut                                           $6/split

Orange or Hibiscus Mimosas                  $3.50


Trumer Pils

New Rider Lagar

Lagunitas IPA, Indian Pale Ale 

Anderson Valley Boont, Amber Ale 

Brother Thelonious Belgian Style Abbey Ale  

Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout 

2 Towns Outcider (unfiltered, dry) 

Non-alcoholic beverages include sparkling water, Izzes, Martinelli's organic apple juice, Clausthauler non-alcoholic beer, Tejava, Reeds Extra Ginger Beer, Virgils Root Beer, Kombucha, Taste Nirvana coconut water, Guayaki.

Try our house cold-brewed hibiscus iced tea with cinnamon and orange and our hot or cold chai (just the herbs - no caffeine, milk or sugar.

Our coffee is organic, French-press, shade grown, fair trade, dark roast - everything coffee should be!

Kombucha on tap! Boogie Down (original - cola, black tea brew) and Hibiscus Cooler $4.

BEVERAGES: Beer, wine, chai, coffee, teas, cold beverages and sipping chocolate

WINE- We have switched to Spanish wines because many California wines were discovered to contain glyphospates.The Honoro Vera Garnacha is now our house red, and Honoro Vera Rueda is our house white.

For a delightful capper to your meal, or an afternoon treat, try our CaCoCo.

A rich sipping chocolate, about as healthy as possible: ethically-sourced, unroasted cacoa,  low glycemic index coconut crystal sugar. $3.50.