I don't plan my paintings in advance. I trust in the process and just let it happen.  My paintings evolve as I work.  Places and objects emerge from my memory and imagination as I go.  My work is always intuitive. This technique allows me to experiment, explore and create.

The overabundance of our times has inspired me to re-purpose and re-imagine found objects.  Things that others toss out are treasures for me. I have incorporated these treasures with my paints.  These include acrylics, watercolors, pastels and pencils.  I feel very satisfied when I can elicit an emotional response from viewers through my paintings.

New Show: Linda Pierson

October 3-November 30

Reception November 11, 1-3 p.m

Update: Linda was forced to evacuate during the firestorm and lost her house, studio and basically everything. Fortunately, her works that were on display at Gaia's Garden were spared. We are offering a Garden Tour meal with each purchase of her work.