New Show! Becki Willman Photography

December 11-January 31

Reception, December 15, 1-3 p.m.

 October 1-December 10

Jonqui Albin

Becki is an award-winning photographer with a passion for sunrises and sunsets, capturing familiar landscapes of Sonoma County in a wonderful way. Her professional career began when the Weather Channel bought the rights to one of her photos.
From there, she's won awards at the Petaluma Fair, 2018, where all 4 of her pictures placed: 2 first place, 1 third place and one fourth.
At the Sonoma County Fair in Santa Rosa,  2018, she won 2 first place awards and best in show.

Please come check out these treasures - priced and timed right for holiday giving.

Big, vibrant canvases show her love of wild birds. Jonqui also does live art performances and large wire scupture. Works are sourced live, in quick concept and image sketchbooking. Resulting action-expressive is a trademark of Jonqui's drawings, paintings and sculpture. As a lifetime artist, Jonqui often applies her self-invented techniques, using  unusual materials in producing her truly original art, installations and performance attractions. Evolved thru art scenes of Los Angeles, Berkeley and San Francisco, she is currently based in her Sonoma studio, north of San Francisco, CA.