My formal artistic education started with an art major at high school in Scotland and was completed a few years ago when I was awarded my Certificate of Achievement in Painting and Drawing at Santa Rosa Junior College. However, when one practices art, learning never stops!
For me, art is an adventure. My interest lies in the creative process itself and I paint or draw whatever inspires me. I have worked with many different media, including pastel, oil pastel, pen & ink, charcoal, oil, acrylic and watercolor and have ex- plored many styles, techniques and subjects. However, my favorite subject has always been landscape and most of my artwork now consists of acrylic landscapes painted in my stu- dio and based on my plein air watercolor & ink sketches.
My artwork has been widely shown in Sonoma County and the Bay Area and many pieces have found their place in pri- vate collections.
I can be contacted @: 707-538- 9122 or

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Through September 30

Reception 1-3 p.m., Saturday, August 17

Once in a while, I will consider a serious project such as the 'Rhino and Baby' painting. 
Mostly though, it is in the realm of fun and comical art that appeals to me. It is relaxing to do especially after a stressful situation. Also my wife likes to see me do creative things like art other than just watching TV or having screen time on some electronic device.
I can be contacted @ (707-541-6461).