Beautiful Food: What you would make for yourself if you cooked four hours a day!

Our food is delicious, fresh and nourishing. We use high-quality ingredients, such as non-GMO oils,organic (non-GMO) corn, organic (non-GMO) soy and organic produce where possible (placing the most emphasis on those crops which are most heavily sprayed). Diners who favor a vegan and/or gluten-free diet will find there is very little here that they cannot eat. We use no meat, fish or eggs ever. If you have allergies, our chefs will be happy to make sure there is something for you. Advance notice is helpful, but they'll do what they can on the fly. Please be aware, though, that if minute amounts of a particular ingredient will severely impact your health, we may not be able to guarantee against cross-contamination.

Choose from the Vegeteria (self-serve by the small plate, cup, bowl and platter), a full, plated meal or our magnificent sandwiches and other a la carte itemsWeekly specials. On Saturdays and Sundays, we serve a fabulous vegan and gluten-free brunch!