Friday, October 12

6:30-8:30 p.m.

Duo Gulliani

Symphonic-level violin and guitar with Richard Heinberg and Terry Mills.

Thursday, October 11

6:30-8:30 p.m.

Gypsy Jazz Jam

This is an inclusive acoustic jam where each player in the circle gets to call up a tune, and all players get to play on each tune.The tunes called up are usually in the Django Fakebook which can be Googled, downloaded (free) and printed...or pulled up on an iPad. Many jammers have the charts and are willing to share the view.Fine musicians show up for this jam, making it both a playing and a listening pleasure. No cover,

In addition to providing delicious, healthy food, we are a culturally-rich venue for music, art, literature and community events. Unless otherwise noted, there are no cover or admission charges, and we hope that you will tip the performers generously. In order to bring you these wonderful experiences, we must insist upon a $5 minimum purchase per person. (Reservations for evening events are taken for dinner guests only. )

Note to parents: The intimacy of our space makes it a wonderful place to bring children and introduce them to the thrill of live music (and to teach them proper audience behavior)!  

Tuesdays are always quiet - a night for conversation, or scrabble with a friend, or the Very Veggie Book Club.

We are sad to report that after October 31, we will not be able to book most music. Relative to support from the community, our costs of providing great musical experiences have become prohibitive. We've treated them well but have never been able to pay musicians decently, and despite their gracious cooperation, the cost of licensing (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC) has consistently put us in the red. Trying to collect a $5 minimum from people who consider entertainment a public utility has done us more harm than good. Some musicians, such as Judith Lerner and the Gaian String Trio, play music that is in the public domain, so we hope they will continue to bring you lovely, intimate musical evenings. Thank you to those of you who have been supportive and to all music lovers: support your local musicians and venues!


Come on out to meet and support Dan Monte’s progressive, people-powered campaign for State Assembly! He'll be in conversation with Julie Combs, Santa Rosa City Council member Sonoma County supervisor candidate.

Dan is a progressive Democrat running to represent Marin and southern Sonoma. He's fighting for guaranteed healthcare for all, strong public education and tuition-free college, protecting our climate and environment, and getting big money out of politics. We hope you can make it!